Transcard Financial Services


Transcard Financial Services (TFS) is a licensed payment institution, entered by the Bulgarian National Bank in the Public register of licensed payment institutions. Index number of the license issued by BNB is RD 22-1454/23.06.2010. TFS is the issuer of the first Bulgarian credit card – trans.card, established in 2001. TFS is one of the leaders in the Bulgarian credit cards sector.


TFS issues the following types of payment cards:

All payment cards issued by TFS provide up to 30% cash back on purchases in Bulgaria. Credit cards issued by TFS are with revolving credit and up to 45-day interest free period. TFS issues credit cards to clients with a good creditworthiness and net monthly income above the average salary in Bulgaria. The company takes its credit decisions by means of analytical tools and scoring models provided by the global leaders in this area.

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